Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tuesday, July 5th

So, collectively, by many different health care professionals I have been told that I need to start "regulating" my life and "take it easy" - whatever that means... sleeping and eating at normal times I guess and I am also suppose to increase my Sodium intake so I have to start adding more salt to my diet... along with wearing a heart monitor for a month...

Oh yea, for those of you who do not know I have been getting dizzy and fainting at random for the past two months now - I guess that's not normal ;D

So I have decided to do my best to put my self on a schedule, I have heard that it is easier to do when you blog about it so here goes (and I totally do not expect anyone to be on the edge of their seats or even read it but I will try to add some more interesting tid-bits just in case you do).

I didn't have my appointment until the after noon so I didn't start keeping track until after that.

Supper: Romaine/spinach salad w/grilled chk, raspberries, tsp rice vinegar, tsp. olive oil (for dressing) 1/4 c. croutons *200 Calories

Evening snack: yogurt with 3T Kashi Fiber One *120 Calories

Fluids: 32 oz power zero, 32 oz H2O * 0

Fitness activities: running errands, cleaned rabbit cage, work

Bedtime: 12:00 am

Total cal. intake: 320 (I wish!)

oh,yea, while I don't really care how much I weigh,I figure as long as i'm regulating things I want to go down two pant sizes :o)


...sometimes that mountain you've been climbing
is just a grain of sand
and what you've been up there searching for forever
is in your hands
when you figure out love is all that matters after all
it sure makes everything else seem so small...

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