Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Go Green

So I'm not a huge 'tree hugger' or anything but I also don't think it is a bad idea to take care of our planet either so here is a list of things I put together that I am going to start doing:

1. Recycle -this is actually easy for me to do since Mike has a garbage can and a recycle bin that get picked up every week - but I still have the bad habit of throwing everything in the garbage. :o)

2. Use junk mail to make your grocery/ to do lists on instead of just throwing them away , does anyone know how to just make it stop coming though???

3. Use cloth bags to shop with instead of using paper or plastic - I just bought a package of 12 so if anybody wants some let me know 'cause I have extra :o)

4. Try to make as many purchases as possible that are natural and organic products and fresh produce - it is a little more expensive (around $1.00-$3.00 more) but it is also healthier for you anyway (and I find that everything in the cities is more expensive :o)

5. along with # 2, try to use less paper, now, the Internet and computer is the obvious answer but I find that I tend to like the more personal touch on occasions such as cards and journals - but you can buy cards and paper/notebooks/journals that are made from recycled paper

That is what I have come up with so far... let me know if you have any more ideas to add


martha said...

If you go grocery shopping with your cloth bags you will find it can fill up 12 bags really fast!

Emily said...

very inspiring....I should do something....the only thing I've thought to do recently is to use cloth napkins instead of paper! Maybe I should use cloth bags too. :)

All in a Day said...

888-5OPT OUT for pre-approved credit offer mailing lists from Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax and click on "remove my name from those lists" for direct marketing mailings (Direct Marketing, fact sheet 4)

National Do Not Call Registry
Calls should be made from the number you wish to register.

I'm seriously thinking of doing the last one; we get so many phone calls that I don't even answer when I don't recognize the number or if people won't leave a message.

Abbi said...

It looks like Shelly is on top of things, I was going to comment and say yes there was a way to stop the junk mail but I didn't know how you were supposed to do it.

Ken did put us on the Do not Call list and it is nice. It doesn't mean we don't get any calls however as anybody who is non-profit (political parties, police, fire station,etc) can still call and ask you to donate money. Also anybody that you have a relationship with (your credit card company, and form you fill out online and give your phone number) can still call you. Still I am glad he signed us up.


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