Friday, September 19, 2008

Qick Update

OK, lets see, what kind of catching up do I have???

I am now a nationally certified EMT -I do have to apply for my state license but that only requires filling out a form I can't seem to get my hands on...
I have been behaving myself for the most part health wise since my trip to the ER - yes, I know I have been yelled at for not making this known to more people in a timely fashion, I'm sorry to put a lull in the umm... what's happening with everyone ;P- it was simply a sinus infection, double ear infection, and a temp of 105.3 - I can't say that I bothered to look in the mirror but I must have looked pretty bad because I immediately got sent home from work and it's the fastest I have ever been admitted to the ER and all I did is walk in and say "I just don't feel very good" :o) but I am feeling just fime now... (after getting over the flue that the Bemidji people were so kind to give me)

Now most recently I am taking a phlebotomy class which is really fun - if anyone feels so inclined to lend their arm, veins, and blood I get extra credit for bringing people to stick :D

I am also going to be in school the next 4 Saturdays learning how to drive ambulances code 3 yeah!!, and then another class that I don't really remember what it is but was told by my EMS teacher that I will be bored to death so I guess I'm just looking forward to being done with it - at least it's only two days!

I am also thinking about taking a EKG class as I am looking to get a job as an ER Tech and it will be useful to already know how to be proficient at these things before I start...

All these classes are for a EMS certification and that will make me eligible to start Paramedic school...

I have been having fun with Jr, Worship, we are talking about "our creative God" so we have been doing some interesting crafts lately - I will have to try and get some pictures - last week was so fun - we did paper mache (is that how you spell it - it didn't correct me) and thankfully I put painting plastic on the floor because it got all over and poor Levi was slipping and sliding all over and then to keep himself from falling I ended up with a nice hand print on my backside :o)

That is the most I can think up for now... :D

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Keren said...

finally! :) I have been coming to check to see if you had posted and you did. Umm. By the way I don't think i will offer my services for being poked :S


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