Saturday, April 2, 2011

So obviously I am not good at keeping up with my blog, I used to like to journal but now it just isn't something that I really take the time to do.
A lot is new since my last post, because of my health I quit both of my jobs for a month, it wasn't an easy decision for me but God has been faithful and I now have a job that I love so it worked out in the end thanks to my brother and sister in law who took me in during that time.
I am in the process of moving to Hopkins. I Would love to live on my own (I will have a roommate) but for now, this helps me save on the rent. My roommate works at a hospital as well, we actually hardly see each other and have been using the 'note (and text) system' for the majority of our communication. I work second and fourth weekends and she works first and third and since we both work at night, if we are home at the same time we are usually sleeping the day away :o)
I have decided that I am going to try and list 5 things that I am thankful for every day - we will see if any actually make it on here periodically - I will try - but I have said that before :P
This is something that I used to do when I was attending OCC and it seems to me that it really does help you focus on a more positive attitude, I know I still tend to focus on all the things going on that I doesn't feel are resolved or not in 'the place where I want to be' but if I look back even just a couple of months I can see how blessed I have really been.
I have to get ready to do the 2 am Glucs now, happy blogging :)


Emily said...

Hello there! :)
I would like to read your lists and life :) because I am sooo bad at calling!
Have fun,

Keren Ruth said...

I would love to see you post more! :) and thankful lists are very satisfying.


...sometimes that mountain you've been climbing
is just a grain of sand
and what you've been up there searching for forever
is in your hands
when you figure out love is all that matters after all
it sure makes everything else seem so small...

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